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Say it Currency Exchange software or currency exchange system, if you are owner or manager of the currency exchange company, you know the importance of software to maintain your business. Foreign exchange software inLondon developed by London based company to facilitate all your business processes is CEBS – Currency Exchange Bureau system. CEBS is one stop currency accounting software which is developed after months of research and years of experience. The software is matured and revamped with use of latest technology and added security. If you are looking for Currency Exchange Software then you should consider CEBS demo otherwise you may miss out on something unique. CEBS has most of the functionalities covered for example buy currency, sell currency, buy/sell to/from wholesale, customer orders, cross currency transactions, transaction history, reprinting and deleting the transactions. It also covers compliance side of it for example setting AML limit for one ID, two Ids, checking the customers in HMRC Sanction list, storing customer identification documents and strong reporting module.

Are you looking for a digital currency rateboard or money transfer rateboard, then we have best solution for you. You can view our previous work, and we will 100% customise it to fit your requirements. Digital rateboards is the latest trend; you can use TV or display monitors to display the rates. The rateboard software gives you complete flexibility for setting the rates. You even have the facility to upload promotional screens which will be displayed on the rateboard. We provide best bureau de change rateboards in London and in the UK.

An established currency business goes for currency exchange website design first and then they want to sell currency online. Calyx Solutions is your companion in this journey to help you Sell Euro online. The online currency selling application gives you the facility to display updated currency rates on your website. Customers can buy currency online and make online payment or pay at branch. You are in complete control of currency limits, sanction list checks, identification document requirements and more. Orders placed on this online currency selling application are managed seamlessly.

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