What we do ?

At Calyx Solutions we develop software products, ecommerce applications as well as design websites. We put all our experience and dedication together to make every single software application work as per client's requirements. Our motive is 100% client satisfaction.

CEBS and Currency Applications:

Calyx Solutions UK Ltd provides the best foreign exchange software to the currency exchange bureaus in London. CEBS, Currency Exchange Bureau System, earlier developed to facilitate the currency exchange bureau owners to maintain their currency account along with facility to track their expenses such as rent, salaries and sundries. CEBS application holds strong compliance check with HMRC sanction list, AML limit restrictions and Customer identification document uploads. CEBS application has made us one of the best Currency Exchange Software selling company in London. CEBS supports multiple branches and facilitates branch currency transfers, branch stock update and many other branch related activities.

Online Currency Selling application is another remarkable product of Calyx Solutions UK Ltd. If you are a currency exchange company with single or multiple shop across London or the UK then online currency selling is the best option for you. Facility to update selling rates on one click which gives you more time to focus on your business than on the software. You can view the customer orders and process them accordingly. Sell Euro online, sell USD online or sell any other currency online with this application. This online currency selling application seamlessly connects to CEBS and any orders you receive online can be viewed and processed from CEBS itself.

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Digital Branding and Marketing:

Over the years Calyx Solutions UK Ltd has emerged as most innovative and trusted website designing company. Our motive is to provide our clients with clean and interactive templates. We don’t believe in overcrowding the websites by putting lot of stuff which is unable to manage. We are well verse with Google search requirements and hence take necessary steps before submitting your website to Google. We design responsive websites which is the latest trend. Our portfolio consists of brochure as well as e-commerce website designs.

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CS Remit - Money Transfer Solution:

“You name it and we do it”, we have this attitude. In the past few years we have grown up to a great maturity after developing range of customised software. If you are company who sends quotations, invoices, credit notes to your clients and track the payments and employee timesheet; then we have a solution ready for you. We have developed software like ticket booking system, college/school admission system, stock management systems, Point of Sale and many more. The best of it is Money Transfer application. We have mastered this application and if you are running a money transfer shop then we are ready with a web based software for you.

Please feel free to email us any of your requirements and we will get in touch with you.