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What's Included?

The world of digital media has changed the face of marketing and advertising. Promoting the "Best Rates in Town" was a long and costlier process before. CEBS Rateboard application has changed this into fun filled and cost effective process. Currency Bureau owners can promote their Buying and Selling rate of different currencies on HD display units. The Rateboard application even facilitates the users to promote any other items or business process they follow

Display Currencies

Select the Currencies you wanted to display on the Display unit. Interactive currency selection option is available. If your business deals with money transfer then there is option to select currencies for Transfer rates.

Multipal Display Units

Rateboard software is installed on one computer but the rateboard can be displayed on multiple display units. The software automatically detects any number of display units selected.


Promotional messages can be displayed on the currency slides of the rateboard. Multiple screens can be attached in the slideshow​ e.g. if you are doing Pawn broking then you can upload promotional image related to this business.

Displaying Rates

Selected currencies will be displayed on display unit as a slideshow. Buying and selling rates of selected currencies can be inserted manually or the rates can be fetched from CEBS. Rateboard application seamlessly integrates with CEBS.