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Welcome to Calyx Solutions UK Ltd. We are a team of innovators full of ideas who are working together towards achieving success for our world class solutions. We are known for our smart & functional solutions that get our clients ahead of the competition. We do this by giving them quality product which help them stay compliant and competitive.

Our range of product includes:

  • Currency Exchange Bureau System CEBS which Seamlessly integrates with two of other products TMO Travel Money Ordering website and Digital Rateboard app.
  • CS Remit, smart solution for smart money remitters. This is a complete Money Transfer Solutions which includes, Back-office portal, Customer facing website, Pay-In and Pay-Out Agent portal as well as mobile app for Customers.

Let’s partner up and grow our businesses together:

By partnering with us, you expand your business without having to invest on any extra resources.

➱ Ready from the get go:

Since, we take care of the demo to clients and any support related queries; you can start offering these services, now!

➱ Bring in leads and get instant commissions:

You don’t even need a physical office to get going, our team is already waiting for you. All you need to do is generate leads and grab your commissions from successful transactions. That’s it.

So, what services we offer which you can promote and avail commission on?

  • Currency Exchange Bureau System (CEBS)
  • CEBS – Travel Money Ordering (TMO)
  • CEBS – Digital Rateboard
  • CEBS – API integrations
  • CS Remit – Money Transfer Solution – Web and Mobile App
  • Metal Books (Gold Buying Software)
  • Website design and Digital Marketing (SEO and PPC)

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Why wait? Just give it a try. We are here for any of your clarifications. Give us a call @ +44 (0) 207 193 9381 , or send us an email , or just fill-in the partnership form and we will call you back.

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