5 Things To A Successful Web Presence

1. Unique and Catchy Domain Name

This is the entry point for your website. The domain name should include your company name or business type or can just be some fancy name related to what you intend. Your online presence widely depends on this [http://www.yourwebsite.com].

2. Local or Global?

Many startups face this question. We would suggest to go local first and then global. This depends on your business as well. If you are an electrical fitting company and serving within your city, then go for a .co.UK domain. This may help you in getting better rankings. On the other hand, if you are selling online, then it's better to go for .com or .net domains.

3. Fully Responsive

Your website should adjust itself to the size of the device it is opened on. This is called fully responsive websites. More and more users are accessing websites on mobile and tablet devices. It is of higher importance that your website should be accessible on this device.

Irrespective of the type of device you are using to view the website the design will be precisely displayed on a mobile phone or tablet. The design will be fully responsive and adapt itself to the size of the screen.

4. Contact Us Page

You want your website visitors to know your physical presence. So why not put a Google Map which is pinned to your exact business location. Enquiry form on this page is preferable, so that the visitors can directly contact you. Your other communication information should be displayed on this page to let know your website visitors that you are happy for them to approach you with any specified communication channel.

5. SEO optimization

Is your website Google ready? Once your website ready to launch should include keywords, description and other important meta tags. The website pages need to be submitted to Webmaster tools provided by Google. Let's take an example now to know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) actually means in simple terms is, e.g. if you are florist in Baker Street area, then if someone types in Google "fresh roses in Baker Street", you will expect Google to fetch your website on the 1st page.

Make sure that the correct keywords are used in the meta tags of your website pages. No pop-ups or flash is used as this reduces your visibility on Google. Your website will be Google Ready.

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